Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Banda

The kids are settling in nicely into the new house.  Kaia's school journal is filled with drawings of the castle.  Theo was very unsettled the first few days but is basically back to his too cute self.... although he still won't let you get more than a few steps ahead of him on the stairs without panicking that you will leave him behind forever.  

I am utterly exhausted from unpacking but this weekend has been very refreshing and relaxing.  The inside is mostly done, just tweeking left.  Will have to face the garden next week.  The new gardener, Sallum, doesn't speak a word of English... slow going on garden projects.  He seems to really like Theo though so we are all good.  New housegirl starts this week so that will make life SO much easier!!

So unless the kids do something uberly cute I will dedicate the next few days to giving you a tour of the new house...

 Here is the banda, a grass covered waterproof outdoor living space.  The is also the entire front garden :(

 The banda has a dartboard, but no darts (attn: Tia Leslie did you catch that?)

 VERY comfy chairs and...the two doors you see behind them... 
male and female bathrooms :)
I kid not.

 The pool table and the pizza oven fireplace thingie.

 The bathtub barbecue. 

 And the bike chain adjustable, more reasonably sized, barbecue.

And finally the weight machine.

I also noticed when we came to see the place that there were A LOT of chili plants.
What I didn't notice was that in the front garden there are ONLY chili plants.  
Sigh. Who does that???
But if you like it hot then you know where to come.

And on to the inside tomorrow.
Good night.