Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You not Bad

When Carl came home I told him about what Theo said.  Theo overheard and was very proud.  He has been telling me over and over again today how I am not bad, I am nice, and he likes me.  He even did it for the camera.  Not as genuine as the first time (and I miss the 'actually') but what a beautiful keepsake.

My clumsy thumbs turned off the camera just as he began blowing me a kiss.  Super shame because that was steller cute too!!

As for Kaia... she had end of year conferences today.  She will move up to P1 (Primary year 1) next year.  She only has 2 more days of school left.  

But even more importantly she found a potato chip shaped like a heart in her bowl today.
Lucky girl!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flash Face

Have you ever heard of Flash Face?  That funny looking face they get at some point between the ages of 2 and 3.. when they first learn that they are supposed  to smile when someone says cheese.

Here is one of Kaia's first Flash Faces
Age approximately 2 years 7 months.

And now it is Theo's turn.
Age approximately 2 years 5 months.

And if that isn't enough cuteness for one day... 
Theo has been using the word actually fairly regularly.
For example...
'Kaia actually did that'
'Me actually want banana too'

Today Theo looks deep in my eyes and says...
'Mommy, you not bad.
You very nice.
Me actually like you.'

Could there be any greater compliment?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mommy's Run

Lately I have been running in the living room on Saturday mornings.
Carl, Amina, Moses, and Salim are all here so it works out really well.
Well I missed yesterday and thought I would try today.
Carl had to get some work done so it was just me today.
I thought I would try anyway.

A mother's workout... by PJ
950... Can't figure out how to turn on the Wii.  Try to call Carl.  Carl's phone is off, network is bad.  Try texting a few times.
1000... Finally get through.  Kids start fighting.
1005... Fight sorted.  Call Carl back.  Learn (again) how to work the Wii.
1008... Power goes out.  No problem.  I need to change anyway.  Theo has to come with me.  I can't be more than one step ahead of him or he flips out.  Progress is slow.
1012... Kids want to run too.  We all need running shorts, shirts, socks, and shoes.
1020... Kaia wants to brush her teeth.  Theo too.
1025... Kaia wants to take the braids out of her hair and have it be all fluffy for the run.  Theo too.
1035...Back downstairs.  Power is back on.  Turn on the hot water for showers and rev up the Wii again.  Kids still need shoes.
1040... Wii characters come up.  Kaia's character says hi.  Where is Theo's?  He hasn't done his fitness test yet.  Can we do it now?  Ok.  But we have to find the balance board.
1045... Found it!!  Ahhh.  Batteries are dead.  We have to find the new batteries.
1050... Found and replaced batteries.  Wii board still doesn't work.  Pity.
1055... Wii is chatting.  Tip of the Day?  How have I been sleeping?  Where has Carl been lately?
1058... Start my 30 min run.  Darn it.  I forgot to put on the music.
1100... Oops, shut the Wii off on accident trying to pause.  Have to start from the beginning.  Running again.  Kaia runs the first 5 minutes with me.
1105... She is thirsty.  She wants milk.  Carton is almost empty.  Crisis.  PAUSE.
1110... Running again.  Another 5 minutes.  Kids have milk  But I am thirsty.  Could Kaia grab me some water?  Sure. She comes back with 'lemonade'.  And poured herself and Theo some too.  But oops.  Those are left over mojitos.  Better deal with this.  PAUSE.
1120... Running again.  Got a good 10 minutes in too.  Theo has to pee.  Needs help with his shorts.  PAUSE.
1125... Running again.  Maybe 2 minutes.  But turns out it was a poop.  Needs his bum wiped.  PAUSE.
1130... Running again.  I hear fighting but ignore it.  No visible blood.  Oops.  Stepped on someone's toes.  So sorry.  Stand back please!  Just keep running.  Puppy in the house!  Ignore it.  Just keep running.  Finish my last 8 minutes.
1140... I DID IT!!!  We joyously watch my Wii character jump around in celebration.

Want to hear about the bath that took another hour and a half?
I know exactly where my days go!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Carl's home

Ha ha.
Carl's home.  What a sucker for puppy dog eyes.  Who would have thought I would be the voice of reason on this one!  Sarcastically I pointed out that we had a cat from Egypt, a dog from Finland, but nothing from Tanzania so far.  He happily nodded his head in agreement ready to accept any excuse to let him keep her for the night.  Some days I feel I have 3 kids.

Her name is now Bo (or Bow or Beau).  And she has a toy that was handed down from our baby toy basket.  A little orange and yellow crab rattle.

I won't let the puppy in the house and she cries when the kids leave her alone.  Theo is so cute when he hears her... 'puppy crying, me go'.  He tried to sneak her in the house so many times today.  Kaia has distanced herself a bit.  The puppy nipped at her leg when she went outside with food... and she freaked when she saw a flea on her own arm.  She still loves her, but from a small distance.  She will cuddle again once we have the flea medicine.

And why is Grandma Love all of a sudden suspiciously quiet?  Are you trying to envision your house next summer overflowing with 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 kids (3 if you count Carl)?  Exciting Times.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Check out what wandered into our yard today.
She is pretty cute.  
And since she is small enough to squeeze back under our gate after you do deep freeze your heart long enough to kick her out, I think we are stuck with her for a while.

So if we can't get rid of her we decided to at least clean her.  She was covered in fleas but looks relatively healthy otherwise.  Then she was shivering so we decided she needed to be cuddled in a nice warm blanket.  Then she looked tired so we decided to make her a nice bed by the door where Kaia could check on her every few minutes.

By 'we' I mean the kids and I.  Carl had to work late and isn't even home yet.  We'll see what 'we' think after he gets home :)

 I think the kids... 

 ...have already fallen in love though.

 But who knows, maybe the puppy will still choose freedom.  There are a few disadvantages to being smothered in love and absolutely adorable.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleepy Heads

Anyone up for a nap?  

 Kaia is.  We only recently switched her to a booster seat and it sure makes it harder to nap.  Poor thing.  She doesn't want to go back though.

 Hmmmm.  Now that looks more comfy.

 Absolutely precious.  

And the only time in recent history that I can remember them (intentionally) sleeping together.  They were both fighting off slight coughs and didn't want to be alone. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Theo's Mango Fly

I am sure I have mentioned the dreaded Mango Fly before but now we have our own personal story to tell.  

Mango Flies are ordinary looking flies that can lay their eggs in your clothes if you leave them hanging out to dry.  It is the reason we iron ALL the clothes that come off the clothing line.  If you don't the eggs get embedded into your skin and then a maggot will grow INSIDE you!!  It is most common around seams or waistbands since they are the hardest to dry. 

If you get a mango fly you need to cover it with Vaseline so that it suffocates, then you open the wound and remove it.  Seriously YUK!!  I am not sure what happens if you don't go in and get it.

So last Friday Theo had a suspicious spot between his smallest toes.  Amina couldn't identify it.  Since Theo never wears socks it never crossed my mind that it could be a mango fly egg.  

By Saturday it was deep red and the area around it was swollen, but not bulging like you would expect to find for a mango fly.  We were at a Birthday party and it was diagnosed just about everyone as a chigger.  This I was going to have to dig out with a needle.

By Sunday it was slowly getting worse and starting to hurt.  I tried going in with a needle but coulnd't find anything.  I eventually gave up.

That night he had trouble sleeping and by the next morning he was limping.  So off to the doctor we went.  

Nurse Eva also dug in with a needle.  Theo was SO brave!!  She was also ready to give up, she couldn't find anything.  Until at the last moment she thought she saw something way down deep.  She dug this maggot out from deep in his skin... the fact that it was so deep explains why there was no pronounced bulge. 

 He was about 1cm long and utterly disgusting.  Theo immediately felt better.  He started smiling and laughing again within minutes. Eva was still unsure about calling it a Mango Fly so I took it to have it analyzed by everyone who I could convince to look at it.  Everyone agrees... Mango Fly maggot.

Here is the hole it came out of about an hour after the extraction.  Amazing that it is so small.  It has healed up nicely since then.  We are still totally befuddled as to how he got it.  Just glad it is better. 

Kaia made a thank you card for Eva. 

Oh, and on his way out Theo said 'thank you' to Nurse Eva.  Such a brave AND polite boy!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

House Tour by Kaia

This is hilarious.  
I should really include a video of Carl watching this video... because that is almost just as hilarious.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Duck Party

A few months ago Melanie's askari came bearing gifts.  Two beautiful chickens that were adored.  Adored so much, in fact, that he brought a third soon after.  Melanie built them the most beautiful coop in all the land and they live peacefully and idyllically in Melanie's garden.  

A few weeks ago, encouraged by her gratitude, her askari came bearing more gifts.  Two beautiful ducklings. 

 Melanie fell in love.  
She threw them a duck party. 

And... one of the things I love most about Melanie...
after I arrived I was chatting with the other guest about how excited I was to be invited to a Duck Party.  Well... She knew nothing about the ducks at all!!  She was there for a little girl's birthday!!  Oh Melanie!!  Any excuse for a party!!!  Even if she has to use different excuses for different people :)

Anyway... back to the ducks.
Melanie is so in love with them that she is building them a little duck pond.  

Darn thing is nicer than our pool and I am totally jealous!!  

She promised to pose in her wellies in front of the finished pond.  I know you can't wait.  

What I have recently learned about ducks....
1. They are shy, but should open up with time.
2. They have a 28 day incubation period.
3. They POOP a lot!!
4. You can eat their eggs just like you would a chicken
5. They POOP so much that they POOP while they eat!!