Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stop growing!

Whenever they ask why they can't drink alcohol we tell them it is because it stunts their growth.  Semi-truth.  That's why only adults can drink it, because we are already all grown up.

Some days the kids are just so amazing.  
And they seem to grow so fast.
So when we realized that Kaia was almost SEVEN we said.. 
'Stop growing!  Stay six forever!!'
Kaia replies:  OK, no problem.  I'll just drink alcohol.  

Ha ha.  Clever one she is.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So for a while now, when Carl and I are leaving for school, the kids give us kisses. 

From Kaia we normally get 'one million hundred thousand kisses' or even 'two hundred thousand million kisses'. 

From Theo we normally get 'the same as Kaia'.

Today from Theo we got 'fourteen kisses'.  FOURTEEN!!  Wow!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Year Later

Life continues.  We now live in Kuwait.  Everything is different.  If I tried to fill in all the blanks I would feel too overwhelmed to ever begin.  So instead I will just tell you about today.

More and more the Corniche is becoming our favorite place to be...
Kaia roller blades
Mommy runs
Theo gets pulled on his skateboard by Kaia
We play at the parks
Kids ride the zipline
They run along the huge rocks that line the coast
They run along the concrete benches that line the rocks
We stop for coffee
They play in the sandy beaches
We have picnics in the grass
They play at the bouncy castle play park
We count cats
We rescue cats
We watch the fishermen
and now... they climb trees

Kaia:  Can we climb a tree?
Me: Sure, of course
Kaia: Do you have some gloves?
!!!! When did this lady get prissy!!!!

In runners stance at an imaginary starting line.  
Theo: I'm FASTman!!! 
He takes off down the Corniche.
(He can actually run faster than Kaia these days!)