Sunday, September 2, 2012

Body Paint

One day not too long ago our friends Christiaan and Catharina came over for some play and a bit of dinner.  We were fortunate in that Christiaan brought over his homemade body paint!  Not exactly sure of the components but it was body cream at least and a bit of food coloring ... they said it was easy!
Here is Theo at the start ... just getting comfortable with the idea ...
Kaia chose to not take part - we were a bit surprised but ... she of course eventually at least got her legs colored!
It was remarkably easy to get off as well, no soap needed ... just a bit of rubbing off in the bath ...
Anna (Christaan and Catharina's daughter) was a pro at it - it was her second time .... she encouraged Theo to take some risks!
The end results!  or maybe that should have been the caption for the previous picture!  Haha!