Friday, December 20, 2013

Theo is four!!

Does anyone know how much of an awesome party planner and birthday cake maker my wife is?  She is AWESOME.  Theo's first birthday in Kuwait was a smash hit, and it came together in just a few days ...  Of course the usual problem with Theo's birthday is two-fold; it is just before Christmas and it is just about the time that (a crazy period of busy busy busy) school ends.  Not a problem for the Love Family!  No excuses!  After a month or so of 'Theo - what sort of cake do you want for your birthday? - he finally decided on ... 'Santa'!  Yes, true true that Theo's birthday fell on a Saturday this year - 2 days after staff had been let out for holidays but thank goodness there were still a few good families/friends around to make it a party!
 Our family woke up with a 'bang' that Saturday as three of us (not Theo) woke up a bit earlier and madly blew up balloons for his awakening.  We decorated the living room with a 'Happy Birthday' letter banner (see below) and many many balloons.  Then we put his one (from us anyway) big present on the couch.  When he woke up he was very excited - he tore into his present and played with it for a couple of hours with his big sister.
Later that morning before we got ready for the party we had a very nice walk down the Corniche and listened for birthday greetings from the kitties cats along the shoreline.
 One of Theo's favorite presents of the party - candy 'Nerds'
 Is this a remarkable cake or what?  A 'base' of chocolate cake, plenty of frosting, and PLENTY of baby marshmallows to complete the beard and hat!
 It took a few slobbery puffs and huffs but he managed to blow out the four candles ...
Look at this proud 4-year old.  Why do I know for a fact that our kids strongest memories of their birthdays will be AWESOME cakes ... ?

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  1. All was FAB! Congratulations Love family :) We miss you so much.