Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning

ah yes ... what is more exciting to a 4 year old than the morning after Santa has visited?
and of course sharing/teaching/modeling all this excitement to her 2 year old brother!
 So here are the two tykes ... Theo with his phone from his birthday, and Kaia with her 'ice cream' lip liner (kids makeup) / pen and a candy/lollypop - first thing Christmas morning ... opening up the goodies from Santa in the stockings
 Grandma and Grandpa Love got Kaia an 'Airbrush' kit which she loves ... here are Mommy and Kaia working on it Christmas morning making an angel and a ballerina
 Uncle Dave and his strong sense for scuba-fashion picked out these stylish goggles for the water
 Theo is looking for a slot for batteries here with his trucks from Santa
 Kaia is sporting a new dress from Mommy and Daddy, new Crocs from Grandma and Grandpa Radtke, and her new Princess Ariel doll from friends

 Theo loves his trains anyway he can get them!

and of course the best (?!!?!) for last ... Santa left a dancing pink doggie for Kaia - of course Theo loves it too ... and of course after the 498th play ... Mommy and Daddy LOVE IT TOO !!!!!!!
This is Kaia SECONDS after opening the gift of the pink doggie ... look at the joy in her face!


  1. christmas looked like fun, =w=

  2. I'll be sure to see if I can find another pink doggie to bring along with us.

  3. Great Day through the eyes of the children

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