Friday, November 25, 2011

Car pool

I love this picture because it really shows just how different life is here.  They are all on their way to swim class, 8 kids up there... mine are safely at home with Daddy :)

Fair is tomorrow.  Set up went really well today.  Life will settle down now.  Pics to come.

Ho Ho Ho

I got home late enough that I missed dinner and as I was putting Kaia down to sleep she asked for a cookie 'because she hadn't had one today'.  Well Daddy popped his head in to say that she HAD had a cookie today!!  So we had a little chat about lying and she started to cry... 'will Santa still bring me presents?' she wanted to know.  Poor thing, where did she learn that!!  Of course he will my love.

Later as I told the story to Carl he said he was singing Santa Claus is coming to town during dinner and she was keen to know if she had been nice.  When he said she had she concluded... 'Santa should bring me three presents and bring Theo two presents because he has been a little bit naughty.'  Funny lady.


  1. yes ,how their minds work out things.
    enjoyed our face time today lovelies

  2. look forward to the pics of the craft fair