Monday, November 28, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

So Finally...

So today both of Kaia's carpool mates were sick and I decided school for a 4 year old wasn't worth one and a half hours in the car... twice.  Instead we decided to make it our offical Thanksgiving and spent the day in the kitchen cooking piles of fragrant food.  Kaia helped me almost the whole time collecting herbs, chopping green beans and potatoes, even putting the spice under the skin of the chicken (yuck!), and she was especially helpful with the pie!!

 Here we are with empty bellies.

 Before we gorge on this.  We have cheesy green beans, chicken, chicken gravy, and very garlicy mashed potatoes.

 Theo is in heaven, he loves meat!

 We are most of turning these two garden pumpkins...

 ... into this amazing pie.  It was the best pumpkin pie I have ever eaten, if I do say so myself, although it is probably the first that I have eaten that was made from fresh pumpkins.  Also notice her hand turkey hat that she made after I explained why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Wonderful family day.  Does it get old when I say almost every day how much I love my life and my family?  I have to much that I am thankful for.


  1. We wish we had been there to help you eat that great looking meal....there seemed to be lots and certainly enough yummy pumpkin pie.
    Theo, Grandma Love really likes her meat too, as well as chicken and fish .

  2. Kaia I like the headdress you made.Good job dear.
    Daddy looks pretty happy awaiting his appears even scrumpious from here.