Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day off

Wednesday is still our day off and this Wednesday was packed with fun.

 Craft Day.  Kaia was able to craft with us.  We made nice soap out of not so nice soap.  This is Kaia's that she made for Daddy... mint scented with bougainvilleas and calandula petals.

 Then we joined her friend at her school for Literacy Day.  It was really well run with a story circle, face painting (of coarse) and a Make Your Own Book center.  Then there were a few performances by the teacher and each class.  

 Both the kids were especially shy since they didn't know anyone.  But they quickly overcome their shyness (and are developing a reputation) for never being too far from the sweets table.  And here, for the gooiest brownies ever, you can see Theo will fight (I mean share) until the very last crumb.

Then we madly rushed home, dropped of Theo, scarfed down some lunch, and the girls headed out to the movies.  Winnie the Pooh is here and there are hardly ever movies that are appropriate for little kids showing at our one little tiny theater.  Kaia hasn't been to the theater since the day before she started school last year.  This was very special and we went with her friend and mom so it was also girly. 

 Then we came home for a few last moments with Pray and Amy.  As fast as they came, they have now just as quickly gone.  Amy will be a live in nanny for a 2 week old baby.  Absolutely awesome experience and opportunity, but they will be SOOO missed!!

And 'what's all that flashing' Grandma asks as she squints trying to see us on skype in the dark while simultaneously being blinded by camera flashes.  Oh, it's just PJ documenting every moment of her children's lives.   
My beautiful family.
Look how happy they are :)


  1. So that is how everyone looked on clear it is and what a nice picture.
    I am sorry to hear that Amy and Pray have left but happy to hear she has a job and a place to live.
    Will you be able to visit?
    very nice soap you made for Daddy Kaia....I can almost smell it.