Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Engine

The bad car news... we heard from the car guy today.  He says we need a new engine.  He has found one and the owner has agreed to sell.  How kind.  Any opinions on our situation would be very helpful.  We left the car in the shop over the summer so he could troubleshoot any impending problems.  He had it 7 weeks.  Then 3 weeks after we returned the engine started making funny noises, Carl brought it straight home, we had the mechanic come the next day, he found there was no oil in the engine.  NO OIL!!  In your opinion do you think the mechanic should take some responsibility on this?  Or do you think that after leaving it with the mechanic to troubleshoot problems that we should have checked the oil level within 3 weeks of having the car returned to us.  Obviously from my tone I am quite frustrated by this mechanic but could really use input from anyone that knows more about cars than us.

The good news... We have finally transitioned the kids to their own room :)  They start off there every night anyway.  Kaia quietly wakes up at some point every night and comes into our room, gets herself a pillow, and cuddles up with me.  I love it.  Then later each night Theo wakes up, realizes he is alone, and screams his head off until someone comes and rescues him from under the mosquito net.  Not quite so nice but a little endearing.  

Well... last night Carl fell asleep with the kids while putting them down to sleep.  So when Kaia woke up she was already snuggling a warm body and didn't have to come find me.  When Theo woke up he also found companionship close by and didn't have to scream for rescue.  So I...

 ... slept in this large bed that usually fits four, under my glorious down comforter, and with every single pillow all to myself all night long.  You'd think it was my birthday or something!

 And today was Kaia's day off school AND our first official craft day.  Claudia and I are hoping to set aside one day a week for kid and adult crafts.  Today was poorly planned but the kids did each make a rockin' picture frame of pink glittery satiny material.  Could it be any more girly?  Next week we are dreaming of making little concrete leaves to decorate the table and use as small bowls.  Ambitious?  Maybe but Claudia is the craft queen!!! 

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