Friday, September 2, 2011

Snorkel Masks

 Carl is sick and our car is still in the shop.  Immediately after the Eid our power went out at 6pm yesterday night and is already off when we get up this morning.  So things are back to pretty well normal.  Our friend also lent us her car for the weekend again.  We are so blessed.  She and her husband and daughter came to drop it off as the sun was setting last night. We enjoyed a few drinks in the setting sun and then an impromptu dinner.  It was lovely and a whole lot more relaxing than the staff party we were supposed to go to before Carl fell ill.

 Another Theo and PJ morning.  Amy came over for an exercise dvd.  Theo spent the time following Pray around, bringing Amy toys, and reading.  Bad news though... he got shy after I took this shot and tried to cover his face.  We may have a photo avoiding shy streak coming guys.

 Then as a craft we made these.  Can you guess what they are?

That's right.  Snorkel masks.  Kaia wants to decorate hers with colors and pink glitter so she knows which one is hers.  Pray says he will know which one his because it won't have all the glitter, it doesn't need to be decorated.  Clever fellow.

And after a long day of play they watched a few So You Think You Can Dance auditions.  Immediately Pray was right out in the middle of the living room imitating the contemporary and hip hop moves.  Kaia ran off to get dressed to watch.  So typical.

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  1. Daddy is sick?Another cold?
    The snorkels are ingenious you use them in the pool?Ha ha.
    I hear you on Skype and will sign off.