Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Day of Holiday

New safari pics up in the Dave's Visit post.  Don't forget to keep checking there even when I put up new posts here :)  It is hard work to follow my blog!!

We have been pretty lazy since Dave left.  Sorry Mom for making you worry.  Uncle Dave arrived to Zanzibar only one day late and spent most of his 6 days on the beach, in the bar, and on a massage table.  I don't know how they convinced him to get on his flight but he should be arriving in Thailand right about now to spend a few days getting clothes made.

We have been enjoying our last bits of time together before the grind begins Monday.  It has been so nice having Daddy home!  So how did we spend the last day? 

 Theo LOVES to swim!!  He even figured out how to get up and down stairs just so he can go in and out of the bigger pools.  If you put his balls in the pool... he will play until he turns blue.  This water is really cold!!

 Kaia on the other hand spent her time basking in the sun.  I did not teach or model this.  She is not a snow princess any longer!  Although the first thing she wants to do when we go home to Canada this summer is to build a snowman.  She just doesn't believe me when I say there may not be any snow.  'Maybe just a small one then' she says.

 Carl and I cuddled on our new couch supervising and fighting our way to the bottom of a pitcher of mojitos.  So who took the picture you ask?  It was Kaia!  Our budding new big girl photographer took two photos of us on the couch... one with heads and one without. 

Then we all went to bed early (well they did and I will soon).  The jasmine outside the bedroom window is just starting to bloom and the whole back wing smells heavenly, except for a small radius around Theo's changing table.


  1. Cute pic of Theo in the pool and so intent on getting the ball.
    The Safari ones sure brought back memories of our trip to Kenya ten years ago with Pat and George Wilkinson (who we were with New Years) ...they couldn't believe it had bee that long either.Time flies.Thanks for the updates Pamela.

  2. basking in the sun with a bare pussy luv 2 do 69 with u