Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Tonight we have no power.  I am using our new phone connection attachment along with the new laptop battery that Dave so graciously brought us from Australia.  It is definitely slower and sometimes it doesn't connect, but otherwise this is AWESOME!!  Especially since there isn't much else to do when the power is out.  

Got the last of the Dave's visit pics up today too.  Our visit to the hunting gathering tribe and the extra tidbits I couldn't refrain from posting.

 Today Kaia and I tried for over an hour to get Theo to nap.  Finally he headbutted the pillow with full force and somehow decided it was comfy.  He closed his eyes and fell asleep immediately. 

 In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Kaia's classmates.  Here she is at the house admiring the pet goats and trying to figure out what the turtles are doing.  When we got home she gave Carl a demonstration of the turtles complete with moaning!!  Dear me, that I didn't hear myself.
  Her classmate is from Denmark and they have a birthday tradition.  The child pics a theme and the mother works her butt off to turn it into a party, or at least that is how the mother described it with a huge smile.  Trolls were the theme.  The kids made tails and troll hats.  They set up caves in the backyard and played hide and seek.  It was awesome!  But the best part was the food.  These are bugs (because trolls eat bugs) all laid out on an enormous banana leaf.

And the cake!!  Ta da!!

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