Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 more sleeps

The terrible threatened power outages weren't so bad.  We have been having power during the day but not at night.  It has proven to be very unproductive because at about the moment Carl walks in from work, and I might actually get something done, the lights go out and I can't see a thing.  Very relaxing week though.  

Getting so homesick!!  Thinking of bare feet in green grass, big stores full of beautiful things, libraries, museums, traffic lights, power, warm water, smooth roads, dogs on leashes, Cafes, and loving friends and family. I think Kaia is a little apprehensive about the trip.  She has been very moody lately, resistant to change, and has made several comments about how she will miss her friends and pets.  I forget this is all she knows.

 Theo has been pretty tough and demanding again this week too.  Teeth coming in further maybe?  Maybe he also senses the upcoming trip.  One day he woke at 6am and literally whined, cried, and wanted to be held until 8am when I changed his diaper.  He collapsed to sleep naked on the changing table and relief encompassed me.  I covered him and brought my work into the kids room and he slept there for over an hour.

 I can't wait to share American culture with Kaia.  She has this new shirt that she calls her toothpaste smile shirt.  

Here Pray helps Theo put on his shoes.  Absolutely precious.  Pray is so wonderful with both my kids.  Amy has agreed to stay in our house while we are gone to care for our animals, staff, and bath tub.  What an angel she is.  But she doesn't like curry on popcorn.  Strange.

 Kaia had her first play date this week without the parents coming along.  Huge step in life.  This is a new girl in her class and Kaia talks about her all the time.  They are two peas in a pod and whenever I see them at school they are glued at the hip.  Of all the gibberish Kaia has shared about her the one thing she never mentioned is that the girl only speaks GERMAN!!  These two innocents also raided the cookie jar together... troublesome pair... this could get interesting.

 Exhausted.  And both asleep at the same time!!  PArTY!!!

 Here Carl tries to help with some light hand sewing.  He took the thread and threaded into a plastic shell bead from one of Kaia's necklaces he found on the floor.  Then asks how to get it into the needle.  What?  Progress is slow.  But look how proud he looks :)

Santa Claus is coming to town!!  Gifts are coming along.  I am starting to enjoy the holidays in May.  Pulled out the suitcases today and dusted them off.  Tossed a few things into them to feel productive. 

5 more sleeps!!!


  1. You're so good at blogging! I will be like you one day. Sorry about the curry...and being a party pooper.

  2. You are too cute. And please... we had SO much fun during our LAST sleepover till August :(