Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where's Guinea?

A quick uplifting story to share.  A friend of ours was feeling tired and sluggish back in August.  She was diagnosed in Arusha with Malaria and suspected it wasn't right.  She was diagnosed with Hepatitis in Nairobi and still felt it wasn't right.  She went home to Spain and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  When I asked my doctor friend about it she said it was a death sentence.  She is in her 40's and the diagnosis was devastating.  She has a fiery spirit and a very sexy doctor.  It has been a hard and exhausting battle but 10 months later she has actually BEAT it!!  For now anyway.  She has also been hitting the gym to keep her mind of everything and has lost 40 pounds.  She sent photos and I can't believe she is the same woman who left only 10 months ago.  And next year she is off again to Bermuda for another exotic teaching post.  I thought her journey was worth sharing.

 Back at the homestead Kaia has become quite the backseat driver lately.  Here I stopped with traffic for the red light, which she could of course not see from the back seat.  As I slow to a stop she says... 'Mommy, just pass them up'.  She is also big into replying... 'No'.  So when I explain I am stopped for a red light she says 'Nooooo'. For what feels like the 100th time today I reply 'YES!  I am sure!!'  I am sure the light is red, I am sure you ate breakfast, I am sure you don't have on any panties, I am sure it is raining, I am sure the chickens are on the porch, I am sure, I AM sure, I AM SURE!!!

Today I also broke down and cut some more of Theo's hair.  It was looking ridiculous all short in front and long over his ears and in back.  I still do not have the heart to chop of his beautiful curls in back but I did tackle the bulk that was growing over his ears.  Now he has what Carl calls the 'Canadian Mullet'.  

But this video is the best part of today's blog.  Remember when I told you about our game 'Where's Guinea'?  We learned it from Uncle Tom and keep playing in an effort to keep memories of our family back at home fresh and vibrant.   Theo plays now too.  Usually Kaia hides Guinea and Theo searches.  Today Daddy was home and had the honors.



  2. Me too!!!!!!!!!

    And he likes to watch it too... guess he knows a cute kid when he sees one too :)

  3. TOTALLY UBER DUBER SUPER cute!! he's soooo cute!! and so cool that he actually looked under the cushion all by himself, without any clues!!! his excitement and calling out "gui-nea" = total awesomeness!