Monday, May 23, 2011

Kili Bowl

How could I forget to mention the Global Kilimanjaro Bowl.

 Last Saturday Arusha hosted an American Football game.  Drake University Bulldogs vs. All stars from Mexico.  We didn't go since Theo is too young and we didn't think Kaia would care much.  Amy kept us posted play by play.  Drake took it 17-7.  Evidently 20,000 fans packed the stadium, very impressive in a country you would b hard pressed to find a football.  They also did great outreach work before the game.  Both teams arrived a few days early and worked with kids from local schools.  Our school neglected to participate!!!!  Finals week they said :(  Now I believe the teams are racing up Kili, but I am not following the progress. 

Also... I went to the doctor for a routine appointment and after checking in I had to go pay at a seperate counter.  They gave me my medical file to hold while I waited in line.  I have never held my own medical file before.  Since the birth was the most interesting thing I have done at the hospital I flipped to that page.  Summary...

Stage 1:  6 hours
Stage 2:  5 minutes
Stage 3:  3 minutes
Apgar: 9/10

I had no idea they were keeping track of any of this.  In my humble opinion it looks great in black and white!!  Go Theo!!!

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