Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Candlelight Service

So it may seem like we are slacking on the blog because we are spending all our time with Dave.  But in reality the power has been atrocious.  We are hoping they are storing it all up for the holidays.  We have been staying busy with Dave though.  Mostly shopping and Christmas preparations.  We are enjoying every minute of it, it is so nice to have him here.

 This is us making Christmas cookies with Emily.  Bless her heart.  She had everything all set up for us, including homemade cookie cutters!!  She had hand drawn Christmas coloring pages for Kaia to color during the down time.  AND she was preparing a 'Christmas room' that had a tree and the prettiest diorama with snow and glitter pine trees.  It was such a nice afternoon!!!  We decided she is so jolly that she might just be Santa in disguise.
 This afternoon, after a lovely early Christmas lunch with Australian Christmas pudding for dessert, Dave crashed in the hammock.  Kaia hovered around that hammock forever until he F I N A L L Y woke up.  I think Uncle Dave is quickly becoming the coolest dude.

 Yesterday morning, while Carl kindly made a lovely breakfast, Kaia, Dave, and I made our Christmas cards.  Green tree with colored (but mostly yellow) ornaments, GOLD Christmas tree stamps and blue tinsel.  She only made about 4 of them herself but she is infinitely proud!

 Like I said, Dave is the coolest.  His lap is in high demand.  Thankfully they both fit.

 Us in the car on the way to Church.  Theo was really happy that Kaia wanted to hold his hand.

The service was beautiful.  A candlelight service with real candles.  Theo only made it a few minutes but Kaia enjoyed the entire night.  She loved holding the candle until the wax dripped on her.  Then she preferred watching me hold the candle.  The last song was Silent Night and everyone sung in their native language.  One of the most beautiful songs I have ever sung in church.

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