Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Nice relaxing family day at home today.  Homemade pizza for Christmas Eve dinner thanks to Carl.  Only one more sleep till Christmas!!!  We will finish off the night with Mojitos, movie, cookies, and one present.

 Kaia composed this photo.  She told me where to stand to take the shot and that it should be taken with no flash.  Pretty artistic.  And pretty amazing that she got Theo to sit still for her.

We tried really hard to keep the Gingerbread house tradition alive even though we did it late afternoon and before dinner time, prime meltdown time.  Then we said Kaia could only look at the sweets and not eat them.  It wasn't exactly ideal but it did provide a great learning experience for a more successful 2011 house.

Kaia wrote a note to Santa Claus today:

Dear Santa, 

My name is Kaia.  I have been so so so so good.  I have been caring to Theo, when he cries I pick him up and make him feel better.  I share my toys with my brother and my friends, sometimes I even give them away.  I can be very helpful, I take Sassy outside when he comes in, I feel Laika almost every day, and I clean my room and toys.  I want a lollipop and a soft lizard please.  Sorry to bother you, hope you have nice travels tonight and have a Merry Christmas!



  1. The letter was so sweet Kaia it made feel weepy and proud that our grand daughter has been so helpful and kind to Theo.
    Enjoy yourself on Christmas day 'Sweetie'.
    Merry Christmas to all with lots of kisses going out to everyone.
    Grandma and Grandpa
    Enjoy your first Christmas Theo