Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Into the Woods

We did lots and lots today!  Totally the opposite of yesterday.  Theo and I had a really nice morning sewing pillow covers for those chairs we are still working on.  Then we molded a few food items out of dough that we will bake and paint for Kaia's kitchen.  

 Then we went up to meet Kaia for playgroup at ISM.    Kaia sure works hard in school!

 Then Daddy took us out for dinner at the Coffee Lodge.  You can see the coffee plantations in the background.  They make for a wonderful landscape because they are green and beautiful but not very tall so there is still a very spacious feel to them with tall trees planted sporadically to add depth to the landscape.  They cut the coffee trees down to stumps each year and right now the stumps have grown to about 5 feet and the leaves are coming in.  Flowers will be soon to follow.  The lodge also has a few rooms to rent and they cost around $800 a night... but they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Then up to ISM for the play 'Into the Woods'.  The show was really amazing!!  The acting, costumes, singing, stage, tech aspects, all really well done.  Also a great play for all ages, funny enough to keep me interested and also had Cinderella, Jack and his beanstalk, Little Red Riding-hood, Rapunzel, and the wicked witch to keep Kaia interested.  This shot shows the moon that I sewed and the clouds that Kaia helped paint.  Both kids did great and we stayed in our seat (yes, one seat for the 3 of us) for the entire show.  Go Loves!  Theo loved clapping with everyone else and Kaia loved squirming like a worm.

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  1. Interesting 'Into The Woods' was put on by our local amatur play society about two years ago.It was considered to be a challenging one.Fred and I attended the show as well...........without a Pamela moon and Kaia clouds.