Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rusty Bolt

So I realize we haven't been doing much that is blog worthy these days.  Great excuse to pull out the camera though and have a little something new up for Grandma.  Today Carl took the car into the shop, the power was out for 11 hours, and it rained cats and dogs for about 4 hours. The best news all day was when Carl came home and said the big problem we had been having with the car was due to a rusty screw.  What a relief!

  Being caged in the house we were destined to have a 'interesting' day of some sort and this is how it started.  I guess it took me a while to get to Kaia to wipe her bum.  So she made herself comfortable.

 Theo's hair is really coming in.  Thank goodness he has a sister that knows exactly what to do with it.

I love African rain storms.  Warm, fresh, and everything smells so wonderful afterward.

Yesterday Kaia went to the play during school.  I asked if Cinderella was in it.  She said 'no, but Christiaan was'.  He is a boy I tutor.

He is learning not to scream for food.  So instead he says 'a gung ung yung yung'.


  1. So Theo is talking now and asking for food.I understood every word he said .....
    Does he have any curls yet?
    Is he a big eater?
    Has he manged to stay in bed now that the changes have been implemented in the bedroom?
    What another week or so before school is out?
    Big excitement over Uncle Dave coming I bet.

  2. Theo has a few curls in the back but not much yet. The hair on top is totally straight! He can be a big eater but not like kaia used to be. He likes to eat a little frequently. It has only been a few naps that he has slept in the new bedroom so far, but he hasn't fallen out yet :) One week and one day until we have carl back to ourselves for 4 whole weeks! And yes, we are all so excited that dave is coming!! only 8 days now...