Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Theo's Birthday

Today Theo is one.  Like all other mothers I can't he is one already.  Where has the year gone?  The first 4 pregnant months here seemed to last forever as we tried to decide where to give birth, weighing all the options, contemplating every detail.  The past 12 have flown by, he is such a joy.  We love you Theo.  I tried to only pick a few pics from the day but really had a hard time whittling it down.

Kaia helped fill up the pool for the party.  She had been standing on the left of the pool for a bit and then headed to the right side and told Uncle Dave that she was going to 'move over to fill up the other side of the pool'. 

 I am a very proud mum.  Isn't he just gorgeous!  I think he looks just like me, why does everyone keep saying he looks like Carl?

 Today we discovered he likes sausage.  A LOT!

 The girls were so helpful when it came time to open the presents.  And the boys helped Theo play with his gifts once they were opened.  He got a set of the loudest squeaky cars ever!  I think my friends are trying to get back at me for something.  It may be hard to tell but Kaia has already changed clothes.

 And then there was the cake.  Fancy this... Uncle Dave is a certified baker AND a certified bartender.  Both the mojitos and the cake were amazing!!  And the power went out just as he was going to start the frosting so he is a true SuperHeroUncle.  Welcome home Dave, please don't ever leave!!  Theo liked the sparklers on the top best.

 The cake was modelled after Theo's favorite ball.  Too bad we couldn't manage to get a shot of the cake without Theo's hand prints.  Guess the likeness was so good that Theo thought it was the real thing!

 This is the crew.  They all arrived on the same plane last year and have been friends ever since.  Only last year Simone was Kaia's age, Fionn was big Theo's age, the big Theo was baby Theo's age, and baby Theo was still in my belly.  It has taken all this time to get a good shot of all of them... this time I gave them all cake, sat them down and instructed them to eat.  I got like 5 shots!  I am brilliant!  And... is that Kaia in another outfit?

 This is what Theo looks like when he crawls towards me.   Poor guy sported that diaper all day long. 

 When things were quiet again we gave Theo our gift.  This is rumored to the most durable kids bike for sale in these parts so we plan on putting it to the test.  Theo knows he is supposed to be excited but doesn't know exactly what to do.

 He doesn't get it at all yet but we had a ball showing him how it worked.  And... Hello!  Kaia has changed again!! 
So here he is signing off.  The very exhausted Birthday Boy.


  1. I hope you got our video,such as it was.
    Wonderful pictures and I enjoyed seeing them all!!!
    Say Dave that was an awesome cake...vanilla or chocolate?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Any chance of a Skype call soon?
    Happy birthday Theo oooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. We got your video and loved it!!!! It was vanilla with jam filling. yum!! Our power and internet have been terrible lately!! Whenever we are on we will look for you or call the house to let you know we are around. We are hoping for better luck over the holidays. How can they cut the power for Christmas!!!

  3. nice to hear you like sausage because soon you will be getting my pant's sausage just like your brother