Friday, February 11, 2011

Beautiful Egypt

 Congratulations!  What a wonderful day! 

 We have our own reasons to celebrate.  Guess what is back in season!

 But I began to get afraid when I saw under his chin.  Even more so upon taking off the bib.  And now I am just wondering how bad it is that he still has purple palms even after a long hot bath.  

 This is Kaia at 3 months sporting her first yellow bathing suit in swim class.

This is Kaia at 3 years sporting the SAME swimming suit and a green tail.


  1. What are the berries Pamela?
    Talk about a good buy in a bathing suit.
    I remember that picture on the Bucket site.....such a cute a baby!

  2. I just heard the news after we returned from supper out,about Mubarack leaving.I have not heard the details but will check the ten o clock news.