Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

 Since Democracy is all the rage I thought I would put Theo's HAIRSTYLE to a vote... hair off to the left, to the right, in the middle, or standing straight up?
They are all so devilishly handsome I can't decide!!

Happy Valentines Daddy!  And to everyone else that we love!


  1. Happy Valentines to all there with lots of 00000000000xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I had a hard time choosing a Theo but I am going for the upper left one because it shows off his dimples to perfection.I 'kinda'like the lower right one because of the stylish coiffure
    Very cute....ALL of them and that die for.

  2. I meant it to be a hairstyle choice... so I clarified in the blog. I will try more dramatic ones in the future :)

  3. definitely the bottom right, let the hair be free :)

  4. You know I was so caught up in the different facial expressions that it was only in the last "hairdo'pic that I really took notice of your specific question.
    Forgive an admiring grandma for being caught up with such a lovable little boy.

  5. Dave! Is that you? Karibu!!
    HaHa Grandma... Carl did the same thing :)