Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sports Day

 Yesterday was the last day before the break.  It was a sports day.  Kaia's class got to show off by kicking a ball around the cones but she was riddled with a case of stage fright.  You can see her teacher though, she is standing next to her in blue.  And Kaia came home with 3 pieces of candy so all-in-all the day was a huge success. Also worth sharing... she ate one piece of candy as a dessert for lunch and gave me the second.  She saved the 3rd for today and she broke it into 4 pieces so we could all share it.  She's my angel.

 Today we went up to This n That.  They were having a 30% off sale we couldn't miss.  They also have a swing set, trampoline, and a slide.  Don't know why we don't go more. We bought a Connect Four game, a Mancala game, a little ball globe so Kaia can see the world as a sphere, and a pair of jammie pants for me.  Unfortunately the sale was because they have to move locations.  Less than a year ago the family moved to this property and it is their home and their shop.  The landlord is doubling the rent and gave them 4 weeks notice.  So cruel. Hopefully that just means there is something even better in store for them.

 When we came home Theo joyfully got to work.  It's fair, Carl and I made dinner.

And Kaia also reaped the rewards of his energy spurt. 


  1. Isn't sharing nice Kaia?Good for you dear.
    Cleaning pose of Theo makes me wonder if he might have fallen face forward into a pool of water........or the wet grass.Good job Theo,I hope momm'sy and daddy's supper was good after all your work'''''ha

  2. When Uncle Dave was here we cooked meals on the back porch when the power was out over an open fire. But the porch material wasn't very good and it made a hole in the concrete. Now the hole collects water in the rainy season. Theo loves to kneel down next to it and attack it repeatedly with an open hand. He makes an enormous mess and great loud sounds too!! Theo is almost always dirty or wet :(