Monday, April 4, 2011

Spoon Fed

Theo learns a lot from watching his older sister.  If you ask him to brush his hair he will and he's pretty proud.

Kaia got her hair done today too.  It is finally getting thick enough to do nice french braids without tons of fly aways.  They are gorgeous! 

Today Kaia told me...
''When I grow older I won't go anywhere without you.''
''When I am a mum I will tie your bows for you.''
and no less than 5 minutes later... 
''When I grow older I won't need you for anything''

We moved our dining table to the porch a few months ago, best decision we have made in a while.  This is where we eat all our meals.

 Upon closer inspection Theo is a tad messy.  But he is full on into the 'I can eat by myself' phase.  We applaud his effort.  And since we have Laika we laugh at the result.


  1. don't you get eaten alive by mosquitos at dinner time? Or is that just a joy we have up in Ilboru?

  2. Kaia,s braids are lovely !!!!!
    Theo............keep trying.

  3. Definitely worse since the rainy season. We were thinking of hanging a mosquito net on the porch... what do you think?

    :) I don't think Theo is anywhere near giving up