Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet Pray

No car but we really are settling in nicely.  Some days we are all in sync and today was one of those days.  I gardened in the morning.  Still digging out the banana trees, trying to level the garden, and digging a hole to store the manure.  Kaia played so nicely with Theo.  When Theo went down for a nap she helped me in the garden.  In the afternoon our friend Amy picked us up and took us to the Blue Heron, it helped to have a nice reward lined up to end the day.

Meet Pray
I thought I would introduce you to some people in our lives.
Pray is 9 months older than Kaia and they are 2 peas in a pod.  His given name is 'Pray God' because his mother tried for a long time to get pregnant and she was very thankful.  Very sadly she died in childbirth.  His father is a polio survivor who isn't able to care for him so he was raised in a local orphanage.  

Enter  Amy.  While in university she came to Africa on a volunteer trip and fell in love with him.  After many visits she left her life at university behind and moved here to start the adoption process.  She was only 24 at the time and had to wait till she was 25 to finalize the process.  She had to jump through so many hurdles and compile piles of paperwork.  That was in November.  She arrived to court with all her paperwork in order, a clean conscious from completing the process without any unethical bribes, an open heart, and a dream of bringing him home to meet her family for Christmas.  The judge was too busy that day to hear her case and sent her away till March.  Devastating.

Since then it seems she has faced a string of problems and postponements.  She lives here indefinitely, with no work permit, and the reoccurring hope that the next date will be THE date.

Selfishly we are happy to have them here and will enjoy their company until they are lucky enough to leave.  Our next hope is that they will be home in time for us to visit them on our road trip this summer.

Here they are climbing the tree at the Blue Heron.  We scored BIG TIME on macadamia nuts today!! 

Theo is starting to understand how the camera works.  But he gets all excited and runs up really really close!!  With our slow delayed flash it is really hard to get a good shot, unless you want a shot of how dirty his nose is.

Ha Ha!  This is exactly what it looks like!!

Carl committed to selling our cat carrier today.  We are at peace with the fact that Sassy will spend the rest of his life here.  He is already a healthy 10 years which is amazing for an Egyptian street cat.  And he is very happy chasing lizards under the African sunshine.

I have saved the best shot for last.  Carl sent me this pic from school because he wants my opinion on it.  So I open the phone lines... let us know what you think!


  1. Well to be frank,I cannot see what it is he is holding in his hands.I assume it is a significant part of the question?
    Pray is a handsome boy.I wish Amy well in her journey toward adopting him.

  2. Les Emailed how much he looks like his Dad but I am thinking he is looking worried about the gear box from the car that he is holding in his hand ,wondering what to do with it?

  3. Ha Ha! If only Carl would stop playing with the gear box maybe we wouldn't have so many car problems!!