Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8 arms

So this morning I felt like a woman with eight arms.  We had a playgroup at our house this morning but everyone was either sick, out of town, in school, or busy except for good ol' Fionn.  Fionn came with his nanny Johanna so it was Johanna, Alice, Moses and I taking care of Fionn, Kaia and Theo.  Moses replanted some seedlings, made a new handle for a pot that we burnt, and started refinishing a chair I am convinced bugs are living in.  Alice washed the clothes and the dishes and made lunch.  Johanna and I played with the little ones and kept our hands busy working on WIA bags.  I got a LOT done today with my 8 arms!

Both of them will do anything for popcorn.  
In the afternoon we went to another friend's house.  They have a baby just 2 months younger than Theo, a boy about 6 months younger than Kaia and a girl about a year older than Kaia.  They are the family that we were accidentally sharing a property with at the beach a few weeks back.  They are also the couple that welcomed us into their church a few weeks ago.  We had a great time there this afternoon!  But it does turn out that two playdates in one day is a little exhausting for both the kids (and maybe me too).

Yawn.  Tomorrow is a holiday, Eid, so we are going to finish the night with a 'So You Think You Can Dance' episode and a hot chocolate.


  1. Just play play play all day long.

  2. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if we all took the time to play all day!