Monday, November 22, 2010

Painting Clouds

Not much to tell from today but I did try to get the camera out when I had a chance.

 Theo at Emily's house.  They have 2 cats.  They were all very interested in one another.

 Kaia went to school 8-230 and then helped me paint sets for the upcoming play for an hour.  Today she helped paint huge cloud cutouts white.  Great job for a 3 year old!!

 We got home from school so late that there was no time to cook so we got take away from our favorite Indian place the 'Taj'

 We all know how much Kaia likes swings so it was unfortunate that she napped through this stop.  Theo was keen to cuddle in the swing though.  With those 3 teeth still struggling to get in he is a total cuddle munch!!

 Thankfully I went to the bathroom before we left.  Carl didn't.  It isn't the best part of the Taj.

 Pulling up to our gate we were struck by how beautiful it was in the late afternoon rays.  Those red trees are over our sitting area in the yard and that is Meru in the background.

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  1. Yes, those red trees outside of your house and the play of sunshine on them makes a beautiful scene.