Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday - Christmas Fair

Santa Claus is Coming to town

 Quite literally the event of the year.  It is held at the TGT fields and venders from all over Tanzania and Kenya come to sell their goods.  Everything gears up for the fair and everyone tries to have something new and different.  All the proceeds go to charity and it is a social must.

 Santa came and gave out gifts.  A mob scene!  Kaia got a lollipop, bubbles, and a pencil sharpener with a little mirror on it.  Here is Carl holding Kaia and Richard holding Kaia's friend Gracie.  Great Dads elevate.

 Minnie and Micky were there too.  Minnie gave Theo a high five.  Oh, did I tell you Theo is giving high fives now?  He will also hand you something if you ask for it, although he usually expects to get it back.

 Santa was also there but he was a seriously cruddy one this year.  Kaia did ask for a stuffed gecko, and she said please (all so quietly that even I could barely hear it).

 Mommy shopped and chatted, Daddy ate, Theo rode the rocking snail...

...and Kaia did the bouncy castle!  

Awesome Day!!  But it doesn't look too much like Christmas back at home... I am loving that (and the kids beautiful smiles) the mostest!!


  1. So much fun!!!!
    I agree about Santa being ....\\**####? but I guess the children don't notice those things.
    Interesting shopping I bet!

  2. The older kids noticed for sure!!! We tried to keep the shopping to a minimum but I should have taken a pic of the stuff we bought too. A few beaded xmas decorations, a few baskets as gifts, and a pair of earrings to be worn asap :)