Monday, November 8, 2010


Back to the weekly grind today.  Carpool, tutoring, WIA, lunch, naps, dinner, bath, stories, bed.

 If you get out early enough the traffic on the way to school isn't so bad.  This was taken at 10:30am.  It is the T-intersection between the largest road in town and another major road.  Each road is one lane in either direction, remember we drive on the left.  The blue truck had decided to turn right but he doesn't fit and is now blocking oncoming traffic.  Both roads blocked.  I tried to leave space so that trucks could reverse and was cut off by 3, yes 3, trucks.    It is so tight that even the biker isn't sure where to go.  It took us 10 minutes to get past this mess.

 Close up.    I was pretty bored.

 A student brought Carl some Lebanese treats at school today.

Close up.  We were all pretty excited.


  1. well I hope you received my other posts.
    The traffic tie ups seem to be common world wide when vehicles and drivers are involved.
    I think the worst driving we ever saw and experienced was in Damascus.Even cool Fred 'sweated' a lot...and it wasn't a hot day.
    Interesting to have pics and accounts of your daily life in Arusha.
    mmmmmmmmm good treats

  2. Today I had the exact opposite experience following a very slow banana truck, in the beautiful sunshine, driving along a plant nursery, with a beautiful view of Mt. Meru. Lovely.

    Would love to see Fred sweating!! That must take a LOT!!