Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi Grandma!  Hi Grandpa!  It seems all the cool kids have their own blogs these days so it is about time we give it a go.  Besides, having just celebrated Halloween, we have tons of adorable pictures for our first entry.

We decided to host a Halloween party for the wee ones this year and everyone threw their hearts in it to help out.  Very kid friendly with lots of sweets and treats and plenty of fun toddler games.  We were trying to cater to the American Community but ironically ended up with Israeli, Luxembourgian, Canadian, Tanzanian, German, and Carribean guests dominating the guest list.  Finding orange pumpkins and frosting orange donuts proved the biggest challenges.  I didn't do too much of the food preparation myself but did make 10 liters of lemonade which I thought was pitifully over calculated but proved to be no problem for a troupe of thirsty kids.  Halloween in the hot and dry season did feel a little funny though.

Find the puzzle pieces in the garden game.  Unbelievably exciting!!  
Turned out to be a pumpkin.

 Eat the donuts (with your hands behind your back).  Everyone's favorite!!

 Monster Rice Crispy treats.  You know you have more than enough food when THESE aren't finished off within a matter of seconds!

 Trick or Treat.  Carl ran most of the games but for this one it was so funny to hear the silly stuff he came up with to make them do.  For this trick they had to dance like spiders :)

 Kaia's first apple-bob.  Apples are one of her most favorite treats. She worked SO hard for that apple... and finally got it with her hands.  She is already excited to try again next year.

 Here she is giving a detailed explanation of how apple bobbing works. 

 And here she is helping Theo because 'he can't do it... he's a BABY!!'  He isn't complaining.

 Make your own pretzel station.  I mean seriously.  How cool!

 Theo is a snail.  Get it.  But he crawls way faster than any snail I have ever seen.  I stole the idea from another woman who had made a similar costume.  But I only saw the pic the day before the party and had to stay up half the night making it.  Totally worth every second.

 Kaia is a witch fairy because she somehow wanted to be both.  No problem.  It was mostly designed by her as she wanted the black over the pink and pushed for the hearts.  She even placed them herself.  But by the time we finally finished she was reluctant to wear it!!!  Ahhh, the attention span of a 3 year old.  I couldn't even get a picture before she whipped off the fairy wings, witch hat, and dropped her wand. 

And this one was just too cute to leave off the blog.  The girls must have been entertaining the boys by causing a ruckus off camera.  A ruckus good enough for popcorn.


  1. Wonderful pics............more more.........of course when you have time

  2. Oh Helen. You got it girl... on the way :)