Monday, November 15, 2010


I barely saw the kids today.  Kaia was in school all morning.  Theo stayed home with Alice while I did both legs of the carpool, tutored, and worked at WIA.  I had a great day at WIA though as the really came through by getting loads done on our first order of 25 wine bags.  Sure missed the kids though.  Then it was lunch, naps, dinner and bedtime.  The days sure fly by.

 So when we sent Kaia to school I didn't actually expect her to come home having learned new things.  Today she explained to me how you can use an x-ray to see your skeleton.  Next week they are going to the local Snake Park and are going to have a chance to ride a camel!!  They are also working on the alphabet and we are trying to nurture that at home.  She is just beginning to show an interest in reading and writing, but mostly writing because she wants to get her grimy little hands on my pens!

 As travel is pretty central to our lives, and in Kaia's class of 12 there are 10 different nationalities represented, we have a world map hanging in the living room.  Kaia can (mostly) point out Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, Finland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.  She is also working on Luxembourg, Madagascar, and Egypt.  

 This is what she looks like when she is proud because Grandma and Grandpa are applauding her. 

 This is what we look like when we are chatting it up with the Grandparents.  And look how long her hair is now!

And finally, we so rarely get a good photo of Theo.  We have a red eye flash, that barely works anyway, that flashes at him a few times before the photo is taken.  So he always ends up with a terrible expression in photos even if he was smiling to begin with.  I don't know how I was so lucky to finally get a shot showing his dimples.  I guess if you work hard enough at something it will eventually happen. This is the Theo we know and love.


  1. Do I see four teeth in Theo's picture?What a cutie ,especially with those dimples.
    Tell Kaia we are very proud of her being able to find all those countries on the map.

  2. Yes, Theo still only has 4 teeth. 4 very sharp teeth and he loves to bite!! ouch!!

    Kaia knows, but we will tell her again :)